Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hi there everyone!

I’m so sorry I’ve been off the air for a while – but I promise you, I’ve been very busy writing away. (And I’m sure you’d rather I work at my books and scripts than at website upkeep!!)

But here I am now, to get you totally up to speed on what I’ve been up to:


Well, I’ve finished the first draft of the sequel to The Six Sacred Stones and to put it mildly, it’s bigger than big.

It’s called The Five Greatest Warriors and in it, after successfully finding two Vertices in The Six Sacred Stones, Jack West and his team go after all four of the last four Vertices, and let me tell you, those last four Vertices are pretty huge.

Here’s a short summary of The Five Greatest Warriors that my agents will be distributing at the Frankfurt Book Fair later in October (hey, in this age of the Internet, someone will put it online, so I might as well share it with the people who matter most, you the fans!):


It began with WONDERS...

It grew beyond measure with some SACRED STONES...

Now, come the WARRIORS... 

Strap yourself in and hold on tight as Matthew Reilly’s epic adventure series reaches dizzying new heights with THE FIVE GREATEST WARRIORS...


Having left readers desperately hanging at the end of his action-packed adventure, THE SIX SACRED STONES, Matthew Reilly returns with his biggest and fastest adventure yet, THE FIVE GREATEST WARRIORS.

The action begins right where THE SIX SACRED STONES left off...with our hero, Jack West Jr, falling into a fathomless abyss and his astonishing escape from certain death.

Now, with the end of the world fast approaching, Jack must rebuild the final pieces of the fabled “Machine”. But he is out of clues, out of leads...until he is presented with an ancient text about five unnamed warriors, great historical figures who were all in some way connected to the mysterious Machine...


And so Jack and his loyal team set out to discover the identities – and the secrets – of THE FIVE GREATEST WARRIORS.

It is a singularly impressive list: from Moses to Genghis Khan and Napoleon, and to one most unlikely warrior. And who is the unknown “Fifth Warrior” who it is said will be there “at the end of all things”?

In SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS, Matthew Reilly explored the mysteries of the Great Pyramid.

In THE SIX SACRED STONES, the astonishing link between Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid was examined.


  • the explosive secrets of history’s greatest commanders will be revealed;
  • our heroes will stage an extraordinary mission into the lair of a powerful villain to rescue their friend, Stretch;
  • Jack West will race tsunamis (!!);
  • the Earth will come face-to-face with the apocalypse;
  • and not for a single moment does the action let up.

In it the story begun in SEVEN ANCIENT WONDERS and THE SIX SACRED STONESwill reach its literally Earth-shaking climax at one of the most mysterious places on our planet.

From the deserts of Israel to the storm-lashed coasts of Japan, to the wastes of Mongolia and to the most mysterious island on Earth — this is what we have come to expect from Matthew Reilly: stupendous action, white-knuckle suspense, heroes to cheer for, and an adventure beyond imagining.


And there you have it. I am busy revising the novel now. The Five Greatest Warriors is currently slated for release in Australia in Christmas 2009, and in the US and UK in early 2010.

I’m so sorry about the wait (if you rush a new book, sure, you get it out faster, but you compromise on quality, and I firmly believe that readers would prefer to wait for a good book than get a weak book earlier), but please, trust me, it goes places that no other book of mine has gone before. It’ll be worth the wait!


After I wrote ‘THE END’ on the first draft of The Five Greatest Warriors, I needed to step back from the story and clear my head. Often when I do this, I like to sit down write a screenplay.

As things turned out, at that time I was engaged by a big Hollywood producer to adapt my own novel, Scarecrow, into a screenplay.

Adapting your own novel can be tougher than it might sound – often you’re too close to the story to make the changes needed for a movie version. For instance, I’m not sure I could write a screenplay of The Six Sacred Stones, having written the novel so recently (I reckon I could doSeven Ancient Wonders, though, since I wrote that nearly five years ago, in 2003-2004).

The interesting thing about writing the Scarecrow script is that they want to make Scarecrow the first in a series of Shane Schofield movies. Now, that’s okay with me, but structurally it means introducing characters like Scarecrow and Mother and Book and Fox within the framework of the story in Scarecrow, as opposed to Ice Station, where we first met them in book form. This presented me with some challenges, but I think I’ve made it work!


Stop the presses! I’m doing a library tour in mid-October!

Since I don’t have a new novel coming out this Christmas, I wasn’t expecting to do any book tours in late 2008, but an offer came in that I could not refuse.

A great organisation called The Big Book Club ( selected The Six Sacred Stones as their book club selection for October and when your book is selected as a Big Book Club Selection, they ask you as the author to do a library tour.

Now, I love speaking at libraries, so I jumped on board. (It also just so happens that the Club wants to expand into every Australian state this year, to ‘go national’ as they say, so they have asked me to tour NSW, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. This is actually a double bonus since I was unable to go to Western and South Australia during my abbreviated Six Sacred Stones tour last year.)

So, come late October, keep an eye out, because I might be coming to a library near you! You can come along, ask me questions, get angry at me for the cliffhanger ending to 6SS, or perhaps just to say hello.


Oh, and if you’re doing a school assignment on me, be careful if you use the entry on me at Wikipedia as a primary resource.

It has some terrible inaccuracies regarding my personal history. For instance, it has me going to some school I’ve never even heard of, and for a while there, my next book was titled The Five Hungry Warriors. Hungry? Hmmm.

Wikipedia is usually a pretty good resource (I certainly use it myself), but when you see your own life reported with such glaring inaccuracy, you start to approach Wikipedia with a little more caution. Seriously, I felt like I was seeing my biography done via ‘Chinese Whispers’: half-truths, full-truths, and some stuff that was just totally made up.

Well, that’s it. I’d better get back those revisions on The Five Greatest Warriors. There’s a lot of expectation on that novel, because when you leave people hanging, you have to make the wait worthwhile, and trust me, it will be!


Talk soon,

Matthew Reilly
Sydney, Australia